A Note from Our Dean

Greetings! Time for an update before we head to the NALC Convocation in Indianapolis next week.

I’ll begin by thanking Pastor Erik Johnson for his many years of faithful service to the church as he enters retirement.  This Sunday will be his last at First Lutheran in Washburn.  May God bless him and his family in this new stage in their lives. I am also happy to share that we have had a new pastor join us.  Pastor Angel Scott has completed the process to join the NALC.  She currently is a pastor in LCMC and will be a member of both denominations.  She and her family live in the Twin Cities where she serves as a chaplain.

We welcomed Mark Chavez to our district a week ago.  He came to help Wannaska (Minnesota) Lutheran parish celebrate a congregational anniversary.  As part of the trip he also was able to lead an information session about the NALC hosted by our newest congregation, Ness Lutheran in Mekinock, North Dakota.

In June I received a note from our bishop concerning our missionary James Puotyual which read in part: “While serving in Gambella, Pastor Puotyual has experienced some health challenges and will be returning to the United States where he will be able to receive the needed care. At this time, we ask you to withhold sending any direct support to Pastor Puotyual. Please direct any questions to the NALC’s Mission Office at missions@thenalc.org or to myself.”

For those attending the NALC gathering: There will be time designated in the schedule for the district to meet together at the convocation next week.  There is also a recommendation that we again spend time sharing “opportunities and challenges” in a manner similar to past years.  We may do just that, but if you have ideas how we might best spend our time together please reply back to this email.

In Christ, Pastor Lyle A. Belleque, Dean

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