Sola Publishing adds Crossways Studies

With the help and support of the Minkota District, Sola Publishing was able to acquire the inventory of Crossways International, which closed operations at the end of this summer. Crossways Bible survey courses, written by the Rev. Dr. Harry Wendt, have been used worldwide for over forty years, and are well-loved by many pastors and congregations throughout the NALC. The Minkota district provided financial assstance to make this transition happen.

Materials were transferred in late August from Converse TX to Graham NC where Sola’s facility is located. Instrumental to this move was the NALC Distaster Relief team, led by Mary Bates, who supplied the transportation. Since then, the staff at Sola have been working hard to incorporate the materials into their online store. They have already released a majority of the Crossways materials, making them available for purchase on the Sola website:

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