Concerning Good Works – part 5

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Joshua 1:5–7

From the Confessions: The Defense of the Augsburg Confession

Concerning Good Works 

We see that a horrible decree has been prepared against us, which would terrify us even more if we were disputing dubious or trivial subjects. Now that our consciences understand the adversaries to be condemning the obvious truth—truth that must be defended for the Church and the increase of the glory of Christ—we easily dismiss the terrors of the world and will bravely bear whatever is to be suffered for the glory of Christ and the advantage of the Church.

Pulling It Together: We must hold the ground of the gospel and not give an inch. When the choice is between Scripture and tradition, the choice is clear even if it is sometimes difficult. There are many who stand against the truth and are very bold to do so. We must be bolder still, believing what God told Joshua. No one can prevail against the truth, so be strong and very courageous. Courage is necessary because, though truth will win out, the fight will be fierce. Do not be dismayed that no one believes you or takes the side of Scripture. Do not be surprised that they make your life difficult, or worse, at times a living hell. Your courageous stand for the truth of the gospel is advantageous to you and Christ’s Church, and brings glory to the Lord as well.

Prayer: Give me bold courage to stand for your truth, Lord. Amen.

A Discussion of Living Religions is a brief introduction to major world religions that takes a conversational approach as a group of friends talk together about what it is they believe. Each has a chance to speak for themselves about how they understand the fundamentals of reality and faith.

Source: Daily Devotions in the Lutheran Confessions

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