Concerning the Invocation of Saints – part 16

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John 14:13–14

From the Confessions: The Defense of the Augsburg Confession

Concerning the Invocation of Saints 

Our adversaries tell us first to invoke the saints, even though they do not have God’s promise, or a command, or an example from Scripture. Nevertheless, they would have us place greater confidence in the mercy of the saints than in that of Christ, though Christ instructed us to come to Him, not to the saints.

Pulling It Together

When we pray correctly, we will receive anything that we ask of God (James 4:3). It pleases him to answer our prayers when we pray according to his will. So, just as we are careful to ask that his “will be done” in heaven, we should be as concerned that God’s “will be done on earth.” This begins in our prayers; we must pray according to his will, not according to our desires and passions. We should have great confidence in answer to such prayers to Jesus. Did Christ himself not say, “I will do it”?

Paul, Peter, and others never promised such a thing. The Scriptures do not say this; nor do the writers of Scripture show it in some example from their lives. Only God has promised to hear our prayers. Let us then pray to him, according to his will, in Jesus’ name, for he has promised to be merciful toward us, not only hearing our prayers but answering them. 

Prayer: Give me the desire to pray your will, Lord. Amen.

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Source: Daily Devotions in the Lutheran Confessions

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