Minkota Mission District Report – August

The Minkota Mission District Council met at Riverside Lutheran Church, Wannaska, on Aug. 24, 11:00 AM. Pr Mike Sletto, Paul Mahlen, Jason Schneider, Kim Mahlen, Sec; Jim Ferden, Treas; and Pr Timothy Lundeen, Dean we present for the meeting.

Pr Tim presented information about the proposed constitution change for the election of Bishop of the NALC.  The constitutional change would include the language that the nominations for Bishop would come through the nominating committee and not from the first vote ballot of the convocation. For the change to take place, the requirement is for a 2/3rds vote in favor of the change, and then a ratification by the congregations of the NALC.  The majority of the voters voted in favor of the change, but the count did meet the 2/3rds requirement, so the election of Bishop of the NALC remains as it is now.  Nominations for Bishop of the NALC will come from the nominating committee and they will also be received by vote from the delegates of the NALC Convocation.

From a report given by NALC council earlier in the year, we learned that 30% of the churches of the NALC do not give any benevolent dollars to the NALC.  Consequently, the NALC has been operation in the red for the past two years, and has presented a budget that places its operation expenditures in the red for the coming year.  In order to increase the benevolence to the NALC, a resolution was presented to convocation asking that congregations increase support to the NALC by 1% for the coming year.  This resolution passed at the convocation. The Budget for the NALC for 2018 is $2,077,737.  The expected income at present giving is $1,952,844.  This is a ($124,893) difference.

District News and Actions

Dean Lundeen reported on the events that have taken place in the mission district in the past 7 months:  The deaths of Pastor Rod Nygren and Pr. Ben Carlson; also on the transfer of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Rochester from the Minkota Mission District to the Iowa Mission District. The Treasurer’s report shows that there was over $5700 in the account.

The “Covenant of Pastoral Call” was approved by the Minkota Mission District Council.  The “covenant” states the duties and responsibilities of the pastoral call as they are stated in the “NALC Ministry Standards.”  A copy of the Minkota Mission District “Covenant for Pastoral Call” has been sent to Bp. John and the NALC Deans for further review and acceptance.  After this is done, then the congregations of the Minkota Mission District will want to ratify the approval of the document.

Dean Lundeen presented a 1st draft of  “Bylaws for the Minkota Mission District.”  The mission district operates under the guidance and care of the NALC, but because we accept and disburse dollars given in trust from the congregations of the NALC, we are expected to have a constitution or set of bylaws that govern and protect these dollars and our council.  The next step for the draft will be submitted at the Minkota Mission District Annual Meeting in January. This acceptance of the bylaws will need to be ratified by the congregations of the Minkota Mission District.

Pr James Poutyual will begin an internship at Zion Lutheran Church (LCMC), Des Moines, IA. Zion was asked to host this internship because they already serve as an internship site; they have committee in place ready and able to evaluate; and they have a significant Sudanese population that worships and is served by Zion Lutheran Church.  $2500 was sent to Zion to help them find and secure housing and moving costs for James and Nyandit.

Nominations are needed for the Minkota Mission District Annual Meeting:
Dean:  three years
Secretary:  three years
Treasurer:  three years
Clergy Delegate:  three years
Two Lay Delegates:  one for two years and one for three years.

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