Support our Missionary to Sudanese Refugees

At the NALC Convocation in August, Rev. James Poutyual was commissioned as a NALC Global worker.  Rev. James is from St. Cloud, a pastor and member of the Minkota Mission District.  They will be working in Gambella, Ethiopia, serving in the Sudanses Refugee camps for at least two years.

Rev. James will be working in partnership with the NALC, the Ethiopian Evangelical Church, Mekane Yesu, and the South Sudan Lutheran Church, bringing sacramental worship and Bible studies to the Sudanese refugees.  He is Sudanese by birth, came to the USA as a refugee, and so has there will not be a language or cultural barrier for he and his wife to carry out this ministry.

Please consider supporting this Global mission of the NALC by adding the work of Rev. James and Nyandit to your mission support in the coming year. And, please, in season and out, remember Christian Global workers serving our Lord Jesus in all places!

Download: James Poutyual – Missionary Adoption Form
(for direct support of James)

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