Sola Publishing adds Crossways Studies

With the help and support of the Minkota District, Sola Publishing was able to acquire the inventory of Crossways International, which closed operations at the end of this summer. Crossways Bible survey courses, written by the Rev. Dr. Harry Wendt, have been used worldwide for over forty years, and are well-loved by many pastors and congregations throughout the NALC. The Minkota district provided financial assstance to make this transition happen.

Materials were transferred in late August from Converse TX to Graham NC where Sola’s facility is located. Instrumental to this move was the NALC Distaster Relief team, led by Mary Bates, who supplied the transportation. Since then, the staff at Sola have been working hard to incorporate the materials into their online store. They have already released a majority of the Crossways materials, making them available for purchase on the Sola website:

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May God’s Peace Be With You in the Storm

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Rescheduled Meeting: Thursday Feb 13th, in Mentor MN

The Minkota District will have a gathering on Thursday, February 13th, in Mentor MN. Faith Lutheran in Mentor has offered to host our rescheduled district meeting.  I’ll be a one-day event.  I hope all of you can make it.  The schedule is below, please rsvp for lunch #s to Pastor Mike Sletto at

10 am       Coffee and conversation

11 am       Worship

Noon        Lunch

1-3            District Meeting and more discussion..

3 pm         Departure

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News from Emmanuel in Rochester

Some exciting things are happening with our sister congregation in Rochester, Minnesota. Here is a note from Pastor Dave Steffenson:

Emmanuel Lutheran Church, NALC, has recently purchased 4.9 acres of beautiful land, located on a bluff with excellent eye appeal. We purchased it for $75,000 from a member of our congregation (comparable land would have cost us $250,000). Yay God!

The location of our new church land is 1 mile east of US 52 on 75th Street; on the NW corner of 18th avenue and 75th street. It is exactly 3 miles straight north of our present location (Oasis Church). In the future, we intend to build a “hospitality house” to minister to people coming to Rochester for health treatment, as well as a childcare center.

Please take a look at the attached BROCHURE, to read more about our vision and to see how you might help to make this dream a reality.

We plan to have a land blessing service this summer. A beautiful driveway has been created into the property. Once the weather cooperates, we will begin clearing some of the land — lots of trees, for parking. We hope to have some outdoor bonfires on our property this summer. Prayers are welcomed as we open and steward this holy gift from God.

In Christ, Dave Steffenson

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District Meeting Cancelled

Do to the winter storm warnings for Minnesota and SD, the district gathering in Brookings on January 17-18th has been cancelled. Stay home and stay safe!

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Today's Devotion from the Lutheran Confessions

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From the Word: 9 Having been perfected, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him, 10 being appointed by God high priest according to the order of Melchizedek. (Hebrews 5:9–10)

From the Confessions: The Small Catechism

The Seventh Petition

But deliver us from evil.

What does this mean?

We pray in this petition, as in a summary, that our heavenly Father would deliver us from every type of evil — whether it affects our bodies or souls, property or reputation — and at last, when our hour of death comes, would grant us a blessed end to our earthly lives, and graciously take us from this world of sorrow to himself in heaven.

Pulling It Together: Jesus, sinless and therefore perfect in our minds, was nevertheless perfected through his suffering on the cross. Because of this perfecting, God designated his Son as our great High Priest (Heb 4:14-16). As such, he is the Mediator of our salvation, our sole deliverance from evil. Whatever suffering we endure, due to the evil that surrounds us, or imposed upon ourselves, or simply the because of the difficulties of life itself, our suffering will not merit salvation and eternal life. God requires a perfect priest or Mediator between himself and our fallen nature. This is why Jesus was perfected through death on the cross. Ultimately, we confess in this petition the hope we have in Christ alone, that when we die, we will not be taking our last breath. Because of Jesus’ death, those who believe on him will not perish but will enjoy everlasting life with God (John 3:16).

Prayer: I believe in you, Jesus, and trust in you as the source of salvation. Amen.

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Walking Together, A Bible Study on the Importance of Fellowship in our Lives as Disciples of Christ, explores one of the most important words we find in the New Testament: fellowship. The life we share with others in Christ as brothers and sisters in the family of God is a gift he gives as he he grafts us into the larger Body of Christ, giving us a place alongside one another as we journey together in faith. Walking Together will help you discover that faith is not merely between an individual and God. He God has made us a part of something much bigger, blessing our lives as disciples of Christ when we walk together with others, bound in love by "one Lord, one faith, and one baptism."

Leader's Guide

Source: Daily Devotions in the Lutheran Confessions

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Joint Mission District Convocation – Minkota & E-SD

The yearly Joint Mission District Convocation of the Minkota & Eastern South Dakota Districts (NALC) will be held on January 17-18, 2020, at the Institute of Lutheran Theology (910 4th St., Brookings, SD). All NALC pastors and members from the Districts are invited, along with interested people from LCMC — all are most welcome!

Keynote Speakers – Bishop Dan Selbo & Dr. Steve Paulson

Friday, January 17th
3:00 – Pastors with Bishop Selbo
4:30 – Registration at ILT
5:30 – Welcome & Intros by ILT
5:45 – Supper, included in registration
7:00 – Worship, with Holy Communion (Preacher: Bishop Selbo)                       
8:00 – Dessert & Q&A with Bishop Selbo  

Saturday, January 18th
8:30 – Registration and Coffee
9:00 – Morning Devotions
9:15 – Keynote – Dr. Steve Paulson
10:00 – Coffee Break
10:15 – Keynote – Bishop Selbo (Life to Life Discipleship)
11:00 – Mission District Meetings
12:00 – Installation of Officers & Sending

Registration Fee:  $15.00 payable at the Convocation.
Please contact the Convocation Registrar:
Pastor Tom Christenson – ESD Mission District Dean  or (605) 554-1002

Registration Deadline is Tuesday, January 14th, so we can plan for the meal, breaks & materials.  Please note any food allergies when registering. Lodging: Our gracious host, the Institute of Lutheran Theology, is near the center of Brookings, so any hotel is within a 10 minute drive.

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Council Meeting Cancelled

The Minkota Distruct Council meeting scheduled for October 17th has been cancelled. Look for information to come on our cooperative gathering between Minkota and Eastern SD districts coming soon.

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Minkota District Council Meeting

Our next meeting of the Minkota district council will be held on Thursday, 17 October, at Peace Lutheran Church in Devils Lake, North Dakota.  Our agenda will parallel previous meetings.  If you have issues you would like to include on the agenda, please let me know.

10 am      Coffee and conversation
11 am       Worship
Noon        Lunch
1-3            District Meeting and more discussion…
3 pm        Departure

There will be a meeting of the Women of the NALC meeting at the same time.  Jill Nesheim, a member of the national board of the WNALC, will be following up with more information.

Many of you know that Pastor James Puotyual had returned to the United States from his service in Ethiopia due to medical reasons.   His health has deteriorated significantly in recent weeks and is presently hospitalized.  While he is receiving care and medical support, prayers for healing are very much needed.

Grace Lutheran in Erskine is still in the call process. First Lutheran Church of Washburn, North Dakota has begun the process to call a new pastor as Pastor Erik Johnson has now retired.

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A Note from Our Dean

Greetings! Time for an update before we head to the NALC Convocation in Indianapolis next week.

I’ll begin by thanking Pastor Erik Johnson for his many years of faithful service to the church as he enters retirement.  This Sunday will be his last at First Lutheran in Washburn.  May God bless him and his family in this new stage in their lives. I am also happy to share that we have had a new pastor join us.  Pastor Angel Scott has completed the process to join the NALC.  She currently is a pastor in LCMC and will be a member of both denominations.  She and her family live in the Twin Cities where she serves as a chaplain.

We welcomed Mark Chavez to our district a week ago.  He came to help Wannaska (Minnesota) Lutheran parish celebrate a congregational anniversary.  As part of the trip he also was able to lead an information session about the NALC hosted by our newest congregation, Ness Lutheran in Mekinock, North Dakota.

In June I received a note from our bishop concerning our missionary James Puotyual which read in part: “While serving in Gambella, Pastor Puotyual has experienced some health challenges and will be returning to the United States where he will be able to receive the needed care. At this time, we ask you to withhold sending any direct support to Pastor Puotyual. Please direct any questions to the NALC’s Mission Office at or to myself.”

For those attending the NALC gathering: There will be time designated in the schedule for the district to meet together at the convocation next week.  There is also a recommendation that we again spend time sharing “opportunities and challenges” in a manner similar to past years.  We may do just that, but if you have ideas how we might best spend our time together please reply back to this email.

In Christ, Pastor Lyle A. Belleque, Dean

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